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ColdLogik CL20 Rear Cooler



The unique ColdLogik CL20 Rear Cooler solution which together with the patented Leak Prevention System provides a proven cooling solution which is successfully being deployed globally. This combination offers the greenest energy efficient solution for cabinet and data centre cooling with major advantages over traditional in row cooling or hot aisle, cold aisle solutions. The solution delivers independently verified energy savings over conventional data centre cooling with up to 98% energy savings and can achieve 1.08 PUE Power Usage Effectiveness. The system features environmental room control and offers both N+1 and N+N configurations and we provide a complete design and installation service for new or retrofit installations.

CL20 CabinetThe advantages of these solutions over traditional in row cooling or hot aisle, cold aisle systems are:

  • Energy savings of up to 98%
  • Achieve a lower carbon footprint
  • Award winning water cooling technology
  • Patented Leak Prevention System 'LPS'
  • Low to high density cooling typically 0.5kW to 58kW as standard
  • PUE figures - lower than 1.09 even on part load
  • Natural sources for free cooling
  • N+1 and N+N configurations available
  • Optional overhead pipe work means no requirement for raised floor
  • Condensate free operation
  • Complete environmental room control
  • Room neutral

System Benefits

Data centers are the power house of today's global economy. Without modern computing power applied to all facets of today's advanced economies our quality of life would be very different. However great the benefits, there is one unfortunate fact that today's data centers are highly inefficient, in their use of energy and their subsequent effect on the global climate. ColdLogik replaces the traditional approach to data center cooling, allowing loads of up to 58kW per cabinet with the added benefit of removing real estate problems inherent with hot aisle cold aisle and aisle containment designs.

The waste heat generated by equipment within the cabinet is removed at source by water cooling, without the risk of leakage in the data center by utilizing the Leak Prevention System (LPS). ColdLogik CL20 rear rooler allows cooling water temperatures to rise from the traditional 45°F to between 57°F & 70°F; reducing chiller size and energy costs and increasing the availability of energy efficient 'free cooling'.

The ColdLogik Management System 'CMS' allows the CL20 rear cooler to operate individually or as a system to maintain the room at the correct temperature even with external heat loads and eliminates the risk of condensation.

CL20 Rear of Cabinet Cooling

Each CL20 rear cooler door removes waste heat at source and is intelligently controlled by the management system to maintain a pre-determined ambient room temperature.

CDU with LPS

The Cooling Distribution Unit 'CDU' enabling dew point control, combined with the patented Leak Prevention System 'LPS' provides a secure leak free operation throughout the entire data center.

Cooling System

As water supply temperatures are in excess of 64?F cooling towers, adiabatic coolers, rivers, sea or borehole water can replace mechanical cooling.

Cooling System

Product Definitions:

CL20 C4 Rear Cooler

Available in three variants; each of the C4's are capable of 25kW maximum 'sensible cooling'. The performance of any coil relies upon airflow passing over the coil matrix, but in the case of the C4 variants, which are supplied passive (i.e. no active fans fitted as standard) they are however preconfigured to allow for fans to be retrofitted. For the optimum performance an airflow of 3100m3/h evenly spread over the coil is required. Most equipment manufactures are beginning to produce increasingly energy efficient product, one area in particular is the type of fans being used. An example of this is the new highly energy efficient Dell 1U servers, which produce a negligible volume of air. To overcome this problem the CL20 C4 range is equipped to allow fans to be retrofitted post installation.

CL20 C4nc

The C4nc is the basic version of the CL20 rear cooler with no fan management system, no communication protocol and no coolant control, however the retrofitting of thermostatically controlled fans does offer some degree of room ambient air control; Fixed speed fans are also available.

CL20 C4sc

The C4sc version comes with the full ColdLogik Management System 'CMS' control. Please see below for full explanation. NB: One or more fans can be factory fitted to each of the above rear coolers at point of order.

CL20 C8sc Cooler

The CL20 C8sc is capable of a maximum 35kW of 'sensible cooling' and comes complete with the ColdLogik Management System


The C8sc is designed to run at the optimum performance at all times, ensur ing maximum energy savings. The CMS tracks the air off and water temperatures, by doing so it is able make minor adjustments thereby ensuring the room ambient temperature is maintained at all times.

CL20 C12sc Cooler

The CL20 C12sc is capable of a maximum 45kW of 'sensible cooling' and comes complete with the ColdLogik Management System 'CMS'.

As with the C8sc the C12sc is designed to run at the optimum performance; even when not requiring a high density cooling this CL20 cooler is the most energy efficient.

PDF CL20 Rear Cooler Technical Data Sheet

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