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Notes for Cabinet Shelves

  1. The 6210 series cabinets, standard and server versions, do not come with rear mounting angles. These are required if fitting:
    · fixed shelves (US**** series)
    · telescopic shelves (UST** and USTH**) series or
    · keyboard shelves (USTK**) series
    Rear mounting angles are also required for fitting rack-mounted servers or similar items.
    See: Rack Mounting Angles
  2. Cantilever shelves do not require rear mounting angles.
  3. The 7210 series Midi Cabinets do come with rear mounting angles fitted.
  4. If a cabinet is being used simply for patching and switches rear mounting angles will not be required.
  5. The maximum size for fixed/telescopic shelves for floor standing cabinets is as follows:
    · 400mm deep in a 600mm deep cabinet
    · 600mm deep in a 800mm deep cabinet
    · 800mm deep in a 1000mm deep cabinet
  7. Fixed/telescopic shelves cannot be used with wall cabinets as they do not have rear mounting angles.

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