Muxlab CCTV Screw Terminal Balun
Muxlab CCTV Screw Terminal Balun

Muxlab CCTV Screw Terminal Balun

The CCTV Screw Terminal Balun allows a single composite CCTV video signal to be transmitted via a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable for more versatile security and surveillance cabling.

Used in pairs, the CCTV Balun eliminates costly and bulky coax cable, allowing CCTV equipment to be connected via cost-effective twisted pair.
The CCTV Balun may also be used in conjunction with MuxLab's CCTV-Audio/Video Hub (500200) for video distribution to multiple monitors.

Note - Not recommended for analogue HD (HDCVI, TVI, etc.)

Up to 2500 feet (760m) in B&W via Cat5e twisted pair
Up to 2200 feet (670m) in colour via Cat5e twisted pair
Small enough to fit side-by-side on any video multiplexer
BNC coax to screw terminals
Polarity identification label
Cable strain relief
Weather resistant

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